Just Black

Just Black

By: Jordan Edwards

Whatever we say or do we just black.

JuJu black, milk chocolate, caramel, vanilla 

if theres a notion that your black, your black.

No one ask you where you from unless they wanna know what hood or set you from.

No one ask what race you are cause your just black.




My grandpa used to tell me that there are only three things you have to do in life:

Stay black, pay taxes, and die.

I laugh.

I always knew there was a deeper meaning to that yet I was blind…until now.

The light of 12 suns shine upon the apaulling fact that the man has lead us to believe that we are just black

Black and nothing more…

As I hear James Brown shouting, " Im Black and im proud!" let us not only hear with our ears; let us hear with our heart and souls the soulful melody of empowerment because those words at the bottom of the iceburg convey the truth as to why we should be proud.

Let me school you real quick…

We are the originators, the conquers, the descendents of kings and queens, diamonds and gold, we are the first people to walk this earth!

Not  the children of barbaric tribes!

Yet we act as if we are.

Walk up to a car. Steal it. drive it to a bar and get sloppy drunk off of 40 and Henny yet when they kill one of us we nearly burn down whole cities.

Then the man has the nerve to point his pale finger at us and say we are the barbaric ones when he himself is a direct descendent!

But no one cares. You know why?

 Because we don’t even know who we really are.

Blinded by 6 suns that allow us only to see what they want you to see.

And in our blinded state as a people, we proceed to act in a manner that our ancestors would despise.

They fought so hard to see yet we have been blinded again.

So open your eyes to the truth for if you don’t you will let generations of our people down. For if we dont prove by our actions the words we chants will be in vain and we will remain being veiwed as inferior.

 Walk in pride for who you really are, for if you don’t you will just be…black.



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