Just Because

Just because a person is different

Just because they are fat by your standards,

Or skinny by others

Or a mom at 16

Just because they don’t have your level of self esteem

 Just because they are perfect

At least they seem that way

Just because they have money

Or even when they don’t

Or when they have 2 jobs and still get up to go to school

Just because their life apparently impacts yours

Just because who they love makes you not able to love them

Or when they are ostracized becuase of their sexuality  

When they sit alone at lunch because everyone already has someboy

AND God Forbid someone talks to them you ostracize them too


Just because they are different you ostrizise and bully

Just because your scared they’ll influence you

Because when you call her a whore she goes home and cries

Only if you knew thats what she thinks she deserves

Because when you call her a slut she takes it to heart

Only if you knew she goes home and her dad calls her the same

Because when you call him stupid he goes home and hates himself

Only if you knew he studies every day to try and get a single B

Because when you say she’s worthless it hurts her every day

Only if you knew she gets enough of that at home

Because when you say these hateful words people take them to heart

Only if you knew that words can cut deeper than any knife ever could


Only if you knew that when you tell him to kill himself, he actually considers it.

He questions if it would be easier with pills or razors

Only if you knew that one nice word could change his mind and save his life

Only if you knew that your words can kill and words can save

But you have made your choice and so has he

Now he’s dead and he ended his pain

Your words won’t phase him now    

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