Just Another Tragic Love Story


My heart aches and breaks

as you walk away

Reaching out my hand

in hopes that you'll hold it once more

My hand stretches out 

to touch you again

but you never look back 

in my direction

Your eyes always seemed to wander

as I stood unfailingly by your side

'Forever' you had whispered

'Always' you promised

'I love you' you said

I supported you always

I wanted you forever

'I love you', I swore

You made a liar out of me

liar, liar

pants on fire

You made a fool out of me

Fool me once 

shame on you

Shattered my dreams

Fool me twice

shame on me

'It's just not fair'

I cry out in pain

How can I still love you

with all of this hate?

Flip sides

of the same coin

Bittersweet memories as

I watch the world move on

past just another

tragic love story




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