Just Another Love Poem


I'm constantly thinking


On what I'm to do.


But I'm sick of feeling that I have lost you


please Talk to me now,


I don't think it can wait.


I do believe, its mui importante.


I just keep racking my brain,


With the thought that I might


Have lost the best thing


That's ever happened to me,


Now I'm going insane,


And I can't think straight.


With you still on my mind,


Mr. Soulmate....


I can't function,


When you're not around,


I can't function,


I don't feel safe and sound,


With your arms not around me,


or not seeing your face.


i miss your voice,


i miss your smile,


ive been so confused


for longer than a while.


a cheesy love poem,


it's all i can do,


because you're not here


for me to say "i love you." to.


i hold my breath 'till im blue in the face,


because i don't understand


the boy, or his ways.


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