June 7th, 2017

Soft skin
Supple curves 
A decent face 
Virginal purity 
Is this all i'm good for?

Money in pretty amounts
Systems beyond normal count 
A giving and empathetic heart
A fear of the word "no" 
Is this all i'm good for?

People wanna disagree
Say that the voices are wrong
But how can i believe them
When this all that seems to happen?

Taken advantage of
Trampled on
Used and tossed away
Mistreatment on varying degrees

New built fears built 
Out of broken trust 
Broken promises too
What am i good for anymore?
What even is my worth?

I'm sinking down
On tainted open air
I'm crying out 
On what i thought was true

Help me 
Oh god
Help me please
What did i do?
Tell me
What have i done?
Is there something
That i can change?
So that next time
Not so many people will leave?

I'm being overdramatic,
Aren't i?
Please don't leave. 
I'm sorry
So very sorry. 
Stay, please, 
I'll just shut up now.



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