Journey to Freedom


The journey awaits

Get ready to embark

We don’t want to be late

It’s almost time to start


The ship is ready

Strong and tall

It is steady

And sure won’t fall


We rode the waves

That surged above

The image we saved

We were in awe of


The ocean roared                                                             

Salt stung our eyes

As we soared

High into the skies


We looked back

And saw the past

We didn’t bring jack

So we need to arrive fast


Hours and hours

We now see the land

That will soon be ours

It will be in our hands


The land of opportunity

Embraces us

It should bring unity

We will need to adjust


There she is

With the torch in her hand

You sure can’t miss

For she is high on her stand


Land of the free

This is quite strange

But we can agree

We’re ready for the change 


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