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Torn as I live here, from day to day.
I look back on, the life I once lived today.
Only to realize, how far I’d fallen astray.
Reality is, to me a constant enemy.
Despite my attempt, to break free from these chains.
Forever the truth, the will still remain.

To dwell on the past,
Feels just the same as, the wicked act
Of enduring pain.
Through my mindless questions and suffering.

The memories I hold, stay forever sacred
Whilst others have, simply evolved to scares.
Now I know, there is no escape from,
The tragedies of which, are instilled inside.

Within my heart I feel,
It was worth all the while
To attempt the run, and flee from my minds imprisonment.
You’ve claimed to see them, the saints and demons.
That come to life,
From inside your dreams.

Through your absence of faith
There’s sight of devils with horns,
Amongst wingless angels.
Forced to forever fight,
The war within yourself.
Heaven and Hell this you know you will find.
To exist, through the chambers and depths,
Of your mind.
Just try not and forget, to forever listen
To those souls of which, are sent.

Someday you radiance, shall be the luminescent light
That will forever shine
Through the vision of someone else’s eyes.
The accomplishment,
Of this extravagant feat.
To pass it on to another, the continuance
Teaching of such a lesson,
Over time, the heart felt pain
Shall erode away.

Broken promises with
Expectations unfulfilled.
Wondering what is left as, I’ve let my dreams go.
I can’t see nor,
Even feel my soul
Much less my heart that’s,
Grown cold as stone.
Sick of this torment who’s grip has formed
The hand of a shadow born,
Inflicting fear and pain upon me.
Forcing me unto this cloud,
It always seems to blind my way.

Time to begin,
Time to change the trend,
Time to repent.
Soon all the followers will see the end,
Of their false cause.
They disregard their call to quite.
To live like them,
Forget what they said.
Live for you,
That’s it.

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This was merely me converting a jounal reflection peice that I had written myself, hense the tiltle of the poem itself. It was during a time just after I had came off the streets from being homeless, it reads as such:

As I live here from day to day I look back on the life lived prior, and I realize just how far I had fallen astray. Priorities back then were simply to alter my sense of truth, for what seemed to be done only so reality would be deferred. Unfortunately, reality is a constant. No matter the attempt, it still remains.
The act of enduring pain is nothing more than dwelling on the past. The memories I hold are sacred, while some have evolved into scares. I know now there is no escaping the tragedy that instills itself within the heart, but it was worth the try to attempt the run.
There’s speak of angels and devils, believe me when I say, “Though there may be an absence of faith, heaven and hell can be found within the mind through questions and suffering. I have seen both the righteous and the evil, both can be found when able to see inside the souls of demons and saints, for no one is perfect, but only a few can adapt for the better. All that is real should be treasured for it is on the brink of ending. No one can take your soul away, therefore shed the light you posses on others regardless if they accept it, eventually your radiance shall help illuminate someone else’s light. If you can learn to do this extravagant feat and teach someone to do the same, over time, the heart felt pain shall erode away.

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