Wed, 01/26/2022 - 20:54 -- JPGeo

The Boy Who Took Off


Joe was a butcher with blood on his hands

Mary, his wife was a baker

Together they owned a grocery store

On the corner of 6th and Jamaica


Now Mary ‘n Joe, bickered all day

Heaven knows they couldn’t stand each other

He sharpened his knife, cursing her way

She threatened to go live with her mother


One day he slipped up and cut off his finger

Mary found it sticking out of her dough

She thought it a pinkie but it was his ringer

So she baked it and fed it to Joe


Joey their son went to school until noon

Then he walked ten blocks to the store

three men on the news blasted off to the moon

The boy hated his life more ‘n more


On the 5th of May, I remember the day

He never showed up that afternoon

While his parents bickered and butchered away

Joey took off in a hot air balloon


And he never came back


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