Dysfunctional Family

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I am from divorced parents I am from a large house of empty rooms I am from a school that looked the other way when problems arose I am from a neighborhood close to a park
The Boy Who Took Off   Joe was a butcher with blood on his hands Mary, his wife was a baker Together they owned a grocery store
With stress of home Rain clouds formed; My head became a thunderstorm. All these mantras, Words, Beliefs, Filled my head Like popping corn. Until one day, The top flew off,
Don't you know that I listen to both of you  bitch about each other. Bitch at each other.   Don't  you think I know  what all is going on.   Living in it. Constantly reminding me.
It was a discordant ray of praises and worship songs of joy and glory But the most glaring person present was the one I never wanted in my present A bright yellow shirt, how fitting?
What do you do when your house doesn’t feel like home? What do you do when you don’t connect with your family? You sit stranded on your own little island pretending it’s alright. But it isn’t.
She looks back, Not knowing how to say Goodbye. She knows she loves them, But they stole her heart, And broke it Again and again. They walked and trampled All over her heart. She doesn’t know
Are we broken? Maybe, I don’t truly know   But I do know that when she yells out, louder than the rest She leaves my mother asking what she ever did wrong  
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