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My name is Marisa and I exist here on earth.
All my life I've been told if you want something ask God first.
Some believe in you and some may not
I heard you're amazing
Well from what I've been taught.
They say if I'm sad you'd make it okay,
but I started to doubt you when you took my grandma away.
If you're listening, there is something id like to discuss,
but please don't tell, just keep it between us.
I have this sad feeling everyday
since she's been gone and it wont go away.
I know she's in heaven watching over me,
but in the morning I wish it was her face that I'd see.
They say its okay and I shouldn't be sad,
but what else can I do when it hurts so bad?
I'd like a to make a deal,
I hope I'm not misunderstood.
If you're willing to give my grandma back to me,
I promise I'll always be good.


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