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When I see Jenny,I see a heart of gold

Someone as wise as the old

With so much to unfold

I want to be there for the ride

Right by her side

When she needs a friend I want her to call on me and I her

And back in reverse

Open up my purse I’ll give up all that I can give, because no one deserves it more

Jenny there is so much more in store


Let me tell you why

She holds me when I cry

Bleeding dry

Gasping for air

Full of despair

Happy and content

Napping, the day spent

Racking with laughter

There to applaud me as I get what I desire

She understands me


No one gets my mood swings

No one else understands

No one shares my successes, like the way she can

No one holds my hand

No one else fought for me

When the bully came out to play

No one else was more excited than me when it was my birthday


She would lay down her life for me

And I her

She would give up the world for me

Or better still she takes me along

She makes me feel included

Important needed

Supported, loved, centered


We don’t hang out anymore

She’s white.



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