Jazz Dance

Her first night out as a flapper girl,

And he was a man of the band.

One thing they both had in common,

They really loved jazz.


She stood with her friends and swayed,

To the rhythm of the drums,

To the crooning saxophone,

To the pulse of the trumpets sound,

And the blaring beat of the trombone.

Men stumbled pass them, drinks sloshing in hand

Asking the new flapper girl for her first dance.

She turned them away,

So they went for her friends

Who went over and danced with each lecherous man.


He watched her.

In the dim club lights

How she moved to the music,

With the swish of her skirt

Skimming across her slender thighs.

Then to his sudden delight,

She turned away the men

That her friends hungrily followed,

Like bees to honey,

Only their golden trail led to money.


He made his way through

The crowds toward the girl lost in the music.

She looked up at him

And caught his eye,

And just for a moment held his gaze

Before society made her shy,

And look away.


He took her gently by the hand

And led her to the dance,

For what seemed like an eternity.

He held her 'round her waist,

Arms encircling her afraid as if she might break.


She said that she should go,

She said she really mustn't stay.

The others were all staring,

And she was a little bit afraid, 

Afraid of the others, and what they would say.

But he held her closer still

And plainly told her,

"Let them stare,

I don’t care

And neither should you.

They aren't worth the time

Or breath, yours or mine."


All around them eyes bore

Heavy weights on the poor girl’s heart.

The menacing glares of disdain

At what they believed to be a disastrous affair,

Caused the flapper girl immense pain.


She wished she could believe him.

She wished she didn’t care,

But such things could not be granted

To this young pair.


He could see the disbelief,

The doubt in her eyes.

So he brushed his lips against hers

And murmured his goodbye.


She could see the hurt plastered on his face,

She wished she knew what to say.

To keep her jazz man there with her,

For perhaps another day.

He reluctantly released his flapper girl

And she hesitantly untangled herself from her jazz man.


His flapper girl was enveloped,

Back into the folds of society

Sorrow marred her face,

As the grief-stricken girl

Could not get over her mistake.


The jazz man broken hearted,

Down to his soul,

Could make no more music

Not even an utterance of a sound,

Because nowhere was his flapper girl found.


Longing, lust

Desire, disgust

Emotions swirled

Clouding and confusing.

With nothing left to do,

Without another chance,

They ended their eternity.

They ended their dance.

They ended it all because the innocent,

 Never really stand a chance.



aww :( lovely tale though...i love the 1920's era but i've never read a poem about it...maybe i'll try one sometime :)

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