Jamn` like Nero

Sun, 11/09/2014 - 23:15 -- Yarnold


I`m sitting alone in my room.

Corgi flopped out on the floor

He`s snoring, sounds like a motor boat

At least it would if I weren`t jamming out

On my banjo

Piggidy, ping, ping

I ignore good sense

And play Black Sabbath songs

Slamming my finger picks down with the ferocity of the



Knock, knock knocking on the door

Knocking like a battering ram

Knocking like a child

Knocking like my sister

Or my aunt

Or my cousin

Or my girlfriend


I`m drowning them out

I`m God and my banjo is a flood

I`m going to spare only Noah

Who may as well be the corgi on my Afghan carpet

Shut up, I can`t be bothered to

Escape these reinforced brick walls

With their painted on sunsets

That stick disgustingly to my skin



Smack, smack, smashing into the door

She`s knocking like a crazy person

Let`s be real

She is a crazy person

And she`s just so loud


But I just

Ping! Ping! Ping!

And yell like a howler monkey


Crazy person, they`ll call me

Because I need to fill the out ward silence

With something

Laughter mostly

Laughter like a mad scientist

“I`m Alive!!!!!”


“Kill yourself she moans

Kill yourself

Hey listen up,

Kill yourself

Don`t you hear me?

Let me in, let me in

we`re both tired

kill yourself

you`re pushing everyone away

they`ll hate you soon you know

kill yourself

the best you can hope for it indifference”


But I`ll jam on

Convinced I`m too awesome to hear her

Like the couples in 1920`s competitions

who danced until they flopped on the floor












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