Four walls surrounding me everywhere I look
I can here the echo of my voice
There is no one else here with me
I am alone
They are all out living this thing called life, trying new things
But me?
I'm still here, waiting for a spark of light
My eyes hurt from the darkness
My voice is gone from screaming
My ears are bleeding from their voices
My brain is fried from overthinking
My heart is in pain from all the memories
There is no way I'm staying here
I gotta find a way out
But there are guards everywhere
Dear guards cut me some slack, I swear I'm innocent
They're laughing at me, and then they throw a piece of bread at me
"Take care of it, cuz its all you'll get" They said
Is that all?
I'm expected to survive on this little piece?
Why not just give me the full loaf?
Why are you punishing me for something that I didn't do?
I'm innocent I swear
The jail cell looks crusty, but I take a glance through it
I see joy
I see people being showered by light
I hear laughter 
It makes me smile
I want to reach the light but I cant's, something is stopping me
It's the cell , I can't go through it
It pushes me back wih all its power as the laughter increases as if it is mocking me
The cell pushes me so hard all the way back to where I started
Looking at the same four walls that seem to follow me everwhere I go.
This time I cannot just say I want to escape, I have to try to escape
I have to escape this jail that I'm stuck in
And I have to escape the mocking laughter that surrounds me


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