Women now adays are seen as "objects" not as the human beings we are treating us as were another "species." Do we have to dress a certain way or have a certain look for us to recieve the same amount of respect that we give you as men in this world? Why must you look at my breasts and not my face, This is a society where we have been fighting so long to be treated as an equal. We shouldnt be judged for standing up and taking action for other girls so noone will have to go through the same amount of pain that we have endured, everyone should come together as one t help solve this issue of these generation, why should we as women continue to go through This culture of Rape being a joke or something that we are immuned  in society it should be stopped. We as women are all Jada because we have a strength about us that noone can take away from us. We all dont know her or probably never seen her, but we all understand the struggle that women go through and can stand by her as she goes through her Journey with peace and love. 

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