To Jacob, From The Body You've Inherited

I know things have been tough

I know moving in must suck

The old tennant

was awful at cleaning up after themself


The wiring is always off

Sometimes I’m full blast,

other times it’s cold campbells

but I need you to stay here

I know that’s hard for you

I need you to stay here


There is dirt between the floorboards

because I should have been a garden

not because I am dirty

stop trying to wash all the growing out

this is an act of self love and

I refuse to be sorry for it


There are cracks in the drywall

you keep punching holes

through everything meant to keep you safe

but complain you are too cold

there’s only so much safety

in being what hurts you

patch up your broken

if you ever want a warmer place to sleep


the windows are faded

the way they’ve been looking

hasn’t been too bright

I know you can change that

But why would you want to be woken up

by sunrise

the last place you stayed

was so dark

it took seventeen years to find you


I am a work of progress

you can fix me up

you can scare out all the spiders

you can make me your home again

but I will never stop being a home

Don’t call me a broken one

I know when you live in a broken home

you always have something to put in your mouth

and you just can’t bear the thought of being empty


Boys can’t love themselves, can they?

You think loving me might make you girl again

Might make you human

Boy, I am still a home

I am the only home you have

So unlock the door

and lay your bed

This is all I have for you

You’re coming home to me boy

Please stay here

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