I've Tried So Hard

Mon, 12/22/2014 - 12:26 -- eshafer


I've tried so hard to be someone I'm not.

Someone so different that I nearly forgot.

The real me.


She's perfect as far as everyone knows.

Can do anything, that's how it goes.

She's not the real me.


The real me is tired and broken at best,

At worst I'm a pathetic, miserable mess.

That's the real me.


They'd be disappointed if only they knew.

That the real me isn't who's talking to you.

Can't let them see the real me.


But I have him.  I know he sees.

The love of my life loves me for me.

He loves the real me.


The broken one who feels so alone.

He took her in and gave her a home.

"Thanks."  -Real Me


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