I've Been Here Before

I stand in a place that I've been once before,
A garden of sadness that's watered with tears,
A plot in the earth where I made an exchange:
I buried my hopes and gave birth to my fears
My hope that my prayers and petitions went through;
That life could be spared, that death could be stopped.
My fears that my pleadings would each go unheard,
That living the way that I knew would be dropped.
By stating I've been here one time in the past
I meant that I come here each day of my life
My heart comes and walks on this pathway of grief
To sort through the tangles of innermost strife
My feelings are locked behind concrete and steel:
I come to allow my mind freedom to think
Some thoughts that are friv'lous more often than not,
Can lift spirits high, then cause them to sink.
And try as I might, I'm unwilling to start
Forgiving the treasures that from me death stole.
That hole in the ground is a hole in my heart,
A place where I buried a part of my soul.
The trip of a thousand miles starts with one step
My trip from this place, though I'm trapped in a maze
Will slowly and surely begin over time
God helping, "Please help me! And straighten my ways."
by David C Rogers

This poem is about: 
My family


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