It's Too Early

Young love, puppy love, high school sweethearts:

Whatever you'd like to call it

Is seen as a long line of food carts.

Others think it's made up of fights and fits,

They ask, "How do you put up with someone for so long?"

They say, "You're meeting someone way too early..."

Instead of asking, "How do you manage to stay so strong?"

Instead of saying, "You'll get to spend more of your life with someone so dearly."

I wonder if people have tried to walk in our shoes

Rather than think it's a dragging plane ride.

We'll just let them accuse,

Because they'll never know the joy of our side!

There will always be judging eyes every which way I see

But my high school love is made for me.



Love this!


Love your poem!!! It truly does bring to light the haters out there who can't let what is good be good left alone. Keep writing my friend.


Love this! Beautiffully written and really opens the readers eyes to the people being criticised for who they are with. Great Job!! 


I love this piece.  
I've been with my highschool sweetheart going on 5 years now and my friends and my mother all keep saying I shouldn't stick with him and should have a big college experience,
but we've only just begun being in love! 
Fantastic work! 

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