It's Time to Shine


I don't typically let people view the true me.

What if they don't like what they see?

What if I'm not what they expect?

What if my memory they choose to deflect?

I'm tired of living this lie.

I believe it's time for the real Laken to shine.


The real person inside doesn't ever like to hide.

By the rules she will abide.

Plenty of sports she plays

And she could talk nonstop for days.

Laken receives pretty stellar grades.

Too see and experience the world she craves.

A devoted Christian beams within.

And Laken tries never to judge others for whatever their sin.

She's blind to race

And is not two-faced.

Loyalty she values above most other things.

She loves cheap jewelry, such as necklaces and rings.

You can trust her undoubtedly with anything you need to.

Her true colors are bright and bold, not translucent or see-through.

About everyone she cares

And she's part of that 2% of teenagers that never swear.

Her potential is high

And her dreams soar hopefully through the sky.

She loves to write

And hates to fight.

Laken is contented with sweatpants and a good book.

She definitely has zero talent to cook.

Her beauty isn't the type in which you'd give her a second look.

But instead the type that reigns in her heart, as it should.

She can be insecure at times

But is never when it comes to her rhymes.

Poetry is her one true passion.

Nothing else gives her the same satisfaction.

Very few know this about her, or know much at all.

But if you took the time to look inside...I think you'd be pleasantly surprised with what you may find.


I don't typically let people view the true me.

But I no longer care if they like what they see.

I hope I'm not what they expect.

And I hope their assumptions they do deflect.

I never again will live a lie.

I'm going to allow the true Laken to shine.

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