It's time for a change

Walking into my reunion

I notice friends I haven’t spoken to in years

The night goes on and it’s so long

Because I don’t even feel like I fit in

A preview’s flashing and as I’m passing

I catch a glimpse of the math team

And I see me


I look around me and see

I’m surrounded by people I don’t know

I stop to wonder and I ponder

Why I can’t recall any of their names

They just pass me by and I don’t question why

Until someone asks me how I’ve been

But I don’t know how to answer


I hear my phone buzz and I answer as

It’s what I’ve learned to do in my career

It’s my agent saying I made it

Into another blockbuster film

I don’t want to but the part’s good

And it fits the silent beauty I’ve become

So how can I say no


I think about how I used to be

Unafraid of what others might say

I did my own thing

I carved my own way

And I was happy

So what changed


I look at my face, but you see

It’s not the same girl looking back at me

No more smiles or laughter

No more fun

Now images and appearances are priority

And I don’t know her anymore

The girl staring at me from the photograph

But here’s the scary idea

She wouldn’t know me either



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