Its time to change


they told me to keep my head up high

to just look up towards the sky

that tomrowow is a diffrent day 

thats all they seem to have to say

acting as if they understood 

but knowing that they never could

making me feel like i am voicless 

feeling restrained and making bad choices

for the longest time it seemed that it was right

forgeting who i was and quitting the fight

not realizing that i was falling down 

acting like a queen where no one could take my crown

but then i fell off that ladder of royality

and hit the ground with a dosage of reality 

but now i understand that im more than labels

im not a character for some ones misguided fabels

im not perfect but then again who is?

now think to yourself do you take more than give 

its time to give the future a shot at being bright

its time to stand up, lets fight for whats right 



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