It's time

I am no different

I have the same beating heart as you do

I have the same body parts as everyone else

You cannot know everything about me by simply looking

I simply state that I like girls who like other girls...

People look at me like I've grown 7 heads

They stop socializing with me

At times I feel as if I was never heard to begin with

Oh. So now that you have found out I'm a lesbian, you can't deal with me anymore?

We never knew eachother?

Do I have some sort of disease?

No. I'm apparently just different from everyone else according to your standards.

We live in the land of the free

Church is seperate from state.


Read your money. What does it say on EVERYTHING?


At the end of the pledge of allegiance what do we say?

One nation UNDER GOD...

When you go to court?

Place your hand on the bible. swear to tell the truth

What is the excuse for same-sex marraige REMAINING illegal?

It goes against the bible. It's UNCONSTITUTIONAL

It's all very hypocritical

Some even say they would support their child regaurdless of their sexuality

Until they find out they are attracted to the same sex

This needs to change.

Why is it this one group that is alienized?

Why are we suffering bullying from every group?

I love myself. I love God.

Is that not allowed?

Am I not allowed to love God because I'm a lesbian

I was not a mistake

What I do should not bother you.

If it is a huge problem.

Turn the other cheek.

I know I have.

But this doesn't mean the words hurt any less

It's time for a change.


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