Its simple

Was it the target painted on my back?

I know, it must have been my short skirt

Or maybe it was my too revealing top?

I know

It must have been the way I was wobbling down the street

Or the fact that I left my bedroom door unlocked

I understand that my body was just too tempting

In every way I must have been asking for it

Your poor soul just couldn’t help itself

It wasn’t right of me to assume I could walk home by myself

I should have guessed you would be waiting for me

Should have assumed that catching your eye as you taught class

Was a mistake

I shouldn’t have turned my back as I locked the door

Silly me

I should have known

That my screams of protest would be fuel to your flaming desire

That the claw marks I left on you were uncalled for

That I shouldn’t have been weeping in agony

You were the victim


For some the word rape is a good time

For others it’s a deserving damnation

They joke as if we wanted it

Sneering like we should have enjoyed it

But don’t they know what you did?

Don’t you know what you did?

You bastard

You took it

You took it all

Leaving nothing for me to survive on

Fear kept me quiet

Bruises kept me down

I lost faith in myself


You took my right to choose

I never got to decide

You made each choice for me

Leaving me a prisoner in my own body

Trapped in my unspoken mind while you satisfied yourself

One simple act broke me

What’s simple?

It’s simple to know what’s wrong and right

But if morality was simple everyone would have it

It would have been easy to walk away

To pretend you had a shred of decency

But of course, it can’t be that simple

Your betraying hands

And your deceptive eyes

Led you to believe you could do anything

Let you believe you could touch


But of course, it can’t be that simple

The problem here is that you forgot I was a person

A person with feelings and innocence

A thing with not just a body

But a spirit

For you it was simple

It was easy to touch what wasn’t yours

To glance at things that weren’t for you

To steal it all away


To act is simple

But to think

That’s a different story

It was simple for you to get me alone

It wasn’t hard for you to touch

It was the simple acts of violation

Committed by one I put my trust in

That brought me to my ruin


My mind has been spoken

And it won’t be unheard

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