It's a Shame

Fri, 08/19/2016 - 21:02 -- JDowell

It's a shame,

A guy named Shane,

Can't love a guy named Lain,

For it would mean the end.


The end of friendships.

"He is sure to bring on lips".

The end of family.

"He is sure to be in Hell for eternity".


It's a shame,

A young woman

Cannot dress like a man.

For tis unladylike. 


Tis unladylike,

To shave you hair.

Tis unladylike,

To love a matron.


It's a shame,

The country made it free,

Yet if LGBT came out,

It brings on the bully.


It's a real shame,

The bully can go unpunished,

While the victim who fought back,

Gets set aside on a rack.


It's a shame,

Our world stays silent.

It's a shame,

LGBT are treated like they were never meant.


I say,

Lets stop the Shame. 

I say, 

Good luck Lain and Shane.


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Our world
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