It's sad my senior


It's sad my senior year is coming to an end,

A fresh new start is about to begin.

As I look back at all the memories I had,

It makes me very happy but also very sad.


The friends, food, and laughter are all the best,

Where I first found this joy is probably at Fall Fest.

The picnic, the dancing, the games all so fun,

But now a fresh start, wish I didn't have to run.


Won a lot of money for chance of a lifetime,

Better hurry while I can and am still in my prime.

25,000 dollars really does seem a lot.

But the joy I felt with my team, that will never be forgot.


Valentines was my very final dance,

I'm glad I went because it was my last chance.

Thinking about all the memories it makes me want to cry.

I can't believe it really is about to be goodbye. 


Anxious and nervous is how worlds made me feel, 

But I'll miss my friends and family, the wounds I hope they heal.

Many great memories my teammates and I  have spent,

Better take it all in, because next year will be very different. 


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