It's a part of me

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 00:13 -- AriLo

why i write
such a complex question
but to save time, ill take the simplistic approach
writing is just a part of me,
it comes deep from within my soul
it give these people a look into my journey
into my life
into the way i live
why i take the things i take!
why i give the things i give!
i mean sometimes i take a sec n look back on my old writing papers.
i vividly see the struggles i been through
say wow!
take a deep breath...
then thank God i made it.
cuz' writing was there for me
behind closed doors,
in that dark room,
open ears to a lost soul,
a blank canvas to an artist lost for words...

writing is a part of me
but forever it was like an imaginary friend
never told anyone about it
out of fear of judgment
BUT here is my opportunity
to show what poetry really is..

writing is a part of me
it gives me reason to live
i mean without this pen n paper
i wouldn't really be living
I'd just be in existence
n thats somethin' i just cant deal with
n that my friend is why i write.



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