It's Not Really A Puzzle, Just One Piece

Dear Self, 

Sometimes when it's late at night

and I feel like my room is the only vessel

drifting through a black spacious ocean

with the constellations above,

some bars of light will begin circling around

the inside of my room. 

As the lights find their way from one side of my room to the other, 

reflecting a shadow of my window, 

I remember there are other vessels too.

They flow past these sturdy walls I've always

slept behind.


How beautiful that each car serves as a lighthouse to me

so that when I begin to fear everything beyond my room has

disappeared from me, I remember that the Earth

still cradles my room and I remember the Earth still calls from

outside with these cars to say, 


"your room will always be a lovely place to sleep, but just know

you can travel every foot of me and I will still hold you."


                                                                             -Griffin Keeffe

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