It's Not Okay

I've been there, 
And I think you, too,  know where.
The state of uselessness; the curisoity as to if anyone cares.  
To this feeling of desolation nothing else compares.  

It's not okay
To think this way; to let yourself be taken down; it just doesn't pay.
To let the coldness of others, or the fear in your own mind hold you back,
And plague your mind with thoughts cloaked in black.

It's not okay
To drag someone to this level, to make someone regret their own life for even a day; 
It's not okay to mock and sneer, and let these thoughts crop-
So why don't we all just stop?

Stop the anger, stop the bully,
Help those who cannot help themselves, appreciate everyone truly; 
Say a kind word instead of one meant to detriment; 
And certainly, every soul in the universe would benefit!


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