its not my fault

"It's Not My Fault"
That should be your epitaph,
You've certainly said it often enough,
So everyone knows your life was rough,
Excuses you use solely on your behalf,
Like "It's Not My Fault!"

"That's All In The Past"
Always said the morning after,
Alcohol proved your master,
Units consumed ever faster,
Never mentioned from thereafter,
As That Was All In The Past!

"Oh Don't Go On"
Stopping us highlighting any of your error,
Despite it emotionally effecting us forever,
We support your sobriety with all our endeavour,
Only to fail as you transform into our terror,
Oh I Wont Go On!

"It's Not Your Place To Judge" ,
Making us feel as were being self-righteous,
Transforming all concerns into silence,
To face the truth you're too spinless,
Much easier for you to behave pious,
But It's Not My Place To Judge!

"I've Apologised For That"
Apologised you have repeatedly,
Many drunken slurred "I'm sorrys",
Forgotten by the morning they will be,
So you can live your life guilt free,
As You've Apologised For That!

"Forgive And Forget",
Cancelling another drunken bout,
By making it something we never can talk about,
Then in your pride you can flout,
Filling us with even more fear and doubt,
Trying To Forgive And Forget!

Lessons that you taught to me,
Now I realise deliberately,
In order for us to escape reality,
And destroy truths credibility,

So Is It Really Not Your Fault??

This poem is about: 
My family


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