It's Not Just About...


It is not just about gender.


It is about the surrender of my identity, for a hypothetical destiny,


It is about the credibility of my degree being based on my anatomy.


My body is a temple, yet it always happens to be accidental, when you smear vandalism on my body, and you take it upon yourself to tell everybody


The amount of money I earn, has to be a constant concern, my “equal” counterparts are the start to my inevitable falling apart,


I was raised to be not affected by the cliches yet anytime a man whistles my way all I want to do is get away

I've been told to keep to keep my mouth shut and sit in silence, but i'm fighting the compliance, defiant of the constituted patriarchy.


I have dreams that surpass the constructs of society, but I am told keep them privately, it's no wonder why there is an even amount of boys and girls yet we are still the minority.


My body is plastered over the media, it has become the medium to my insecurity,

I am considered an object, there is a human disconnect, if im not perfect i dont command your respect


Its something conditional, it's something that is solely embodied in a hashtag,






Black Lives Matter

It is not just about race.


It is about the straight-face in fear of the worst-case based on the color of my skin.


It is about the amount of melanin that supposedly dictates my faltering intelligence.


My inherent physicality takes precedence over my morality, my skin is a built-in obstacle, I have to fight for the right to be at the same level as my brother despite our lack of disparity.


My familiarity with inequality, manifests itself in many ways, like the overwhelming gap when I get paid


I've been born with an undecided persona, people make assumptions that I have an inherent corruption

Despite my well-rounded upbringing, I cant even sit in a restaurant without people thinking i'm about to make a bad decision.


My presence makes people uneasy , I just want to experience my life freely, but somehow people look at my skin like I am unwarranted graffitti.

I have had to become accustomed to the sound of gunshots, and the constant knot in my stomach wondering who the next victim of unprecedented violence will be, or if maybe next time it will be me








Although it's just a sign, it has begun to define the basis to our movement


It is only the slight amusement of possible improvement


One day I hope to be able to raise my daughter, to be the author of her potential honor


One day I hope to be level in my commission despite past tradition


One day we hope to be more than a movement.


Because it's all about being human.


Although its just a sign, its now the headline to necessary discussion

this is only an introduction to the production of moral construction


Because one day I hope to leave my house without the fear of ending up in a jailhouse


One day I hope my intellect will not be misdirected towards my skin


One day we hope to be more than a hashtag.


Because it's all about being human.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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Each side, feminism and black lives matter, are meant to be said back and forth together with some parts being said together.  It is meant to be a multi voice poem which is why the titles are not super professional.  Another person and I presented this to a class instead of publishing it.  We wanted to write this to show the similarities between the unjustice of both feminism and discrimination.

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