its not how many times you fall, its how many times you get up


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we have all gone through happiness and sadness
we have our ups and downs
it where you stand that matters
life is about dejection. life is about rejection. life is about resurrection. life is about innovation

at some point, you get kicked at, stepped on, put down, or even laughed at
its easy to take somebody's head off with one swing of a bat
is it really the way to overcome hardships
if that's the case, you will drown and sink deeper than battleships
before you succeed, you will go through failures
failures is like bricks harder than a lesson of understanding algebraic expression
you must show heart like a champion and knock the bricks down with determine aggression

if you have a dream, keep dreaming
it will shine like a luther vandross song that is beaming
there are those that envy you in which they want you to fall
but always rise above and stand tall
no one have the the right to tell you no
keep navigating your destination like a g.p.s system and achieve like a yankee name robinson cano

you get kicked down
get back up
you fall
get back up
you fail
get back up
you fall short
get back up
when you believe, you can fly like an eagle
when you don't, you fall faster than a bungy jump

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