It's Not Easy


I’m sitting there looking

Your teaching

I can’t keep up with your book keeping

It’s confusing, but you keeping going

I tell you to repeat again

But you won’t stop staring

You’re yelling and not telling

Now I don’t understand, so your blaming

It’s not easy when I’m searching a way

It’s not easy for me to say

It’s not easy when you just turn away

I jot down lines

College makes you blind

Look you’re leaving students behind

Now listen to me now

It’s something you didn’t hear in a while

I’m an Ace in the class

While you look at me wiping your glass

Clean that cuz you can’t see right

Repeat that, yeah that’s right

Believe in me cuz I’m ready to fight

I’m getting that degree because I shine that bright

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There are many rhythmic words, that go well together.

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