Its my time

No fear in life no fear in death,
When I finally take that last breath,
I let my earthy possessions go,
Getting ready to let my spirit flow,
I lay on the bed,
Tilting me head,
Looking upon the faces that I’ve known,
And try to comfort them when their feelings are being shown,
All those days watching from my room,
And they say I have reached my final doom
Before I’d never truly seen things the way they were,
Now it’s time to put things behind me and make them blur,
And at last I see the light and it’s like the fog has lifted,
It’s like the world has somehow shifted,
Nothing is gonna save me,
So you need to let me die and finally be free,
It’s okay please don’t cry,
I’m okay and it’s my time to die,
Don’t worry about me when I’m gone,
Because your life will go on,
This is the moment when my misery fades,
And the life I wish I could have made,
Is finally coming into view,
But a sigh is released when I realize our time is through.
It’s my time to die, and your time to live,
So please I need you to forgive,
I didn’t want it to be this way,
But I knew I couldn’t stay,
I’m sorry for leaving you so soon,
But there was nothing I could do,
I love you and I hope that you know,
Even though I didn’t let it show,
So I guess this is the final goodbye,
Because it’s my time to die.



Did you take the lines "And at last I see the light and it’s like the fog has lifted / It’s like the world has somehow shifted" from the song "I See the Light" from the movie Tangled? If you did, that's great because it shows how things we see and hear influence our poetry. If you would like some ideas about writing poetry about music check out some tips under the "resources" section!


yeah i did im surprised anyone noticed usually the people that read my poems dont notice how i use the things around me like movies/music in my writting and i will most definately check that out thanks:)

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