It's more than a game

Mon, 01/27/2014 - 23:13 -- reatom


People ask us why we cheer,

But I ask them, can't they hear?

When we yell and shout across the field,

We do it to see the other team yield.


We chant, we stunt, we smile till our cheeks hurt.

But I wouldn't  give any of that up, not even for dessert.

You see its more than just standing on a box with poms,

Some people think we're nothing but pretty swans.


However, I learned someting new from cheerleading in high school,

When your a cheerleader you soon become accustomed to this rule.

One day, when it reaches your senior year and football season is over.

It becomes hard to break away from cheer and to have closure.


Then you realize, at the moment your mom's having a bad day,

or your brother's in a grumpy mood

Maybe the cheerleader inside you  isn't really that subdued?


All I know is that every girl I've met there's more to each one.

We've laughed, We've cried, and loved eachother a ton.

The memories I've made will keep  me a wanderlust child forever,

For I take with me my sisters that have kept my head up through this whole endeavor.



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