It's Life


What they don’t tell you in school,

while you’re trying to remember

the difference between prophase and metaphase

chromosomes and chromatin

is that really

biology isn’t science

biology is life


See, divorce

divorce is like mitosis

slow to start, but quick to finish


Begins at prophase

when conflicts arise as your family’s nucleolus,

your family’s unity



Your carefree life, your chromatin,

coil and change

become tight, tense chromosomes


Outside forces, mitotic spindles,

residing in the cytoplasm

start creeping towards your parents

to separate their souls



you’re all lined up

single file

ready for battle


Centrosomes, middles of each new life,

poised opposing each other

with their spindles latched onto you kinetochore, your middle,

like a dog with it’s leash



everything separates,

your world’s torn apart

and you’re left silently



as your sister is torn from your life



the pain starts to lessen

as you uncoil

and your broken family’s nuclear membrane

begins to reform


Once the paper’s are signed

once the cell’s wall’s rebuilt

your old life is over

and the process

it’s finished


See, they don’t tell you

don’t think you need to know


divorce is simply biology



well, it’s life



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