It's Getting Dark Here

Thu, 03/22/2018 - 08:07 -- knolfo

It's getting dark here

I think of you when the sun stumbles

crying into her best friend shoulder

because her whole world is ending

but I'm not scared

mine already has


I should have known that morning

but I had no way of knowing that mourning

starts before you even know

my empty notifications only filled my concern

it was at least 10:15

You always text by 9:30


you promised to text me in the morning

but my mourning started with my worry

no one contacted me

you deleted our messages

the ones where you promised you text me in the morning

don't worry, by now, I have as well


but I never promised something I couldn't keep

didn't tie it so tight I couldn't breathe

the silence strangling us both

neither daring to reach out

neither breaking the doubt

that we were no longer best friends


so tonight, the sun stumbles

tomorrow it will rise again

the next day, i had one less friend

I didn’t know i would have to say goodbye

I didn’t know i would have to try

I’m sorry


Somedays I still think of you

I want you to say you miss me too

but how do I start, after this long?

how do I begin to say I was wrong?

how do I say that through and through

after three years, I still miss you


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