It's Called Blue

look at the sea 

look at the glimmering hope i saw there

it was called Blue

look at the tears 

they left a mark so deep you could fall into it.

it was called Blue 

look at my pen, 

yeah it may be black but so was my soul,

but lets call it Blue 

look at my scars 

look at how unoticable i made them with a simple smile 

i called it Blue 

look at my notebook 

at how it's so beat up your not sure why i bother keeping it 

it's true form is Blue 

look at yourself 

just look at the skin and bones you were told was beauty. 

It's called Blue 

look at the sky 

look how deep and welcoming it is 

It's called Blue 

look at the rain

look how soft and cold it is

It's called Blue

look at the darkness 

but don't because you'll never look back. 

Thats called Black





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This is basically just a random thing i needed to get out about how ordinary things can become extrodinary if we choose to look at it differently. its also about depression and the inability to change views sometimes. this was jusat one way to show that every day needs to be loved in its own way, cause you won't get it back

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