It's been over, Please Live Now.

It's been years now but, the words still hurt like it was yesterday.  I am grown now but, why do I still feel this childish hurt everday. I say im happy but, I still find myself in the back of the room or comfortable only in the shadows. When will I realize that I have grown up and it's okay to be on the front row. All of this just because of the color of my skin. Why could'nt they have just seen the beautiful person within. That's it im not living like this anymore! I am grown now it's time to stop thinking so much, forget those hateful words and walk right in the door! Oh my, this is what life feels like without the burden of fear? How did I allow myself to live this way for so long; be fearful of what people may say about my skin. The bullying, the stares, the's been over for a while now. It's okay girl, just please LIVE NOW.

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