Its been hard.

Dear Roy,


Man, do I miss you so,

but I think there’s a few things you should know.

Everyone here at school has gotten better 

but everytime you come up, everything turns bitter.

You were my Bestfriend,

without you, I’m seeing no end

to the horrible things coming my way...

I just wish you had stayed.

Soon after you died,

I lost my home in the blink of an eye.

I became homeless,

but what’s so bad when all I can see is the darkness?

Soon after you died,

I lost my dog to an unstoppable illness,

Oh how my world became nothing but stillness.

Soon after you died,

everybody moved on with their lives,

but I can’t get rid of you when I close my eyes. 

The anniversary of your death is coming this month,

I want to see you, one more time, just once.

I just wish you talked to me,

I just wish you made me see.

Your suicide has taught me a lot of things,

but most of all it taught me to love unconditionally.

It matured me way beyond my years,

even if I matured while in tears.

Speaking of tears, that’s all I can see.

I just wish you talked to me.

I love you, Roy Micheal. 






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