It's All Vertical

Have you ever heard those birds in the morning?

Early, when the sun is rising and they are clearly up way to soon,

And you wish you had soundproofing in your bedroom

Really now, who wants to hear noise when they are strying to rest? 


Me pearsonally, sometimes I like to think,

Each bird is like a sign.


"Listen Up!" They seem to shout.

"Open your eyes because today could be your last!"

Um, seriuously birds? Just go back to sleep.

Don't be that person. Listen to those birds. Those signs that seem too loud.


A life without realizing that we are like a puff of smoke, lasting

Not enough a full minute,

Depressing. And evenutally dead.


"Cease the Day!" Oh my gosh, that is so!


Easy for you to say. You don't leave your room. That's pathetic. That's pitiful.

And when your smoke life disappears like the vapors we are.

RIP is what your grave will read. Me personally. I want mine to read, "She lived."


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