It's All B'cuz of You

Beauty is not what I see in your face

It has nothing to do with your eyes

Nothing to do with your lips

Or whether your life is devoid of cries

Beauty is not the shape of your body

Nor is it the softness of your voice

I don’t use the physical to judge beauty

For the physical is actually a beholder’s choice

However, the closer I get to you

The more my soul is touched

More so, by the simple things that you do

You don’t look upon me as a judge

Rather, you see me for who I am

And accept me ‘just like that’

For faulty though I am

Yet in my presence you are glad

You regard me as a friend

And are not ashamed to let me know

You know when to take my hand

And apply a balm to my aching sore

You see in me what no one sees

You understand me when no one does

You’re the only one I don’t have to fight to please

And in your presence I’m never at a loss for words

Your kindness moves me to tears

Because for too long I’ve been abused

All these years

People’s affections have been nothing but a ruse

But yet you are so sincere

You barge into my life with genuine affection

And show me that you truly care

You dote upon me with adoration

And give me a reason to laugh again

For the first time I can appreciate my own smile

Oh! How your generosity has touched me

You’ve made me to believe in my pride

This to me is the mark of true beauty

Knowing it comes from the very deep

And can make people around you happy

And give them memories to keep

I can’t believe that all my life

I have been denied the pleasure of this

Thanks for the change you’ve brought in my life

Because happier now are my days!!!

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Jan Wienen

So true

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