It is You

Tue, 06/18/2013 - 01:24 -- hbrit1


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Who created the pretty flowers of the fields?

To whom I feel my soul begins to yield.

All around I see His creation, beautiful and precise.

I wonder if it's a glimpse of paradise.

Who thought of separating the waters from the dry land?

You did it with a simple command.

You named each day.

And made men out of clay.

Who is the owner of all the victory?

You made history.

You're the owner of all the Earth's riches.

You made all fruits delicious.

Who designed the pretty tall palm trees?

You do what you please.

You call every star by its name.

And You take away our shame.

Who diversified all the animals into species?

You calm the raging seas.

You're the giver of life.

You gave Adam a wife.

Who makes the sun shine every morning?

You're the healer of hearts that are hurting.

You're always faithful.

For You nothing is fatal.

Who planned everything from beginning to end?

You are our best friend.

You always keep Your promises.

In You is our confidence.

Who separated the time into seasons?

In You we believe for many reasons.

You're never wrong.

About You I will write my new song.

Who deserves all the praise?

I look around in amaze.

It is You God who made all this lovely creation.

For whom You provided salvation.

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