It Will Forever Bind You


They look at me with eyes of animosity,
Trying to make sense of my feelings,
I refuse hugs, kisses, and smiles,
Why can’t I love?
It’s a complicated process,
And very hard to watch behind a glass,
All I want is to be free,
With nothing holding me back.
You see, love is a ball and chain,
A reason for paranoia,
Those chains bring worry, pain,
And fear of betrayal.
If I’m bound by love’s grasp,
How can I be free?
All I want is to travel and be forever young,
I don’t want my love to restrain me.
I may be scared, or even angered
Of such a trivial thing as love.
But that’s just it,
It isn’t trivial.
Love is complex,
With more than one meaning.
While many see it as a chance for euphoria,
I see a chance for evil and slavery.
Many may call me heartless,
But while it hurts on the inside,
I cannot risk submitting to love.
All I love is my Freedom.
I abandon the feeling behind me,
And leave them all alone,
For it’s easier to start loving,
Than it is to let go.

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