It Was All Fun and Games


25° 16' 27.8328" S, 133° 46' 30.4896" E

you told my best friend I changed your life,

then you asked for my name

and I guess I can say you changed my life too

because I remember words in the back of my head

that I couldn’t get out because there

was something in my throat



the word “no” came to mind,

but not out my mouth




I thought,

“please stop”

as my head hit the wall




I remember walking down

a dark street with you

but I wasn’t asking to choke


I remember trying to

undo your belt buckle

but I wasn’t asking you

to take over, to press my back

against a wall and leave

my hands useless by my side


I remember I was wearing a short skirt

though I wasn’t asking you for anything

but I guess my character

was compromised when I let

your hand up my skirt

on the first try

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