It should be

Do I seem fine or okay ?
What does a smile actually portray?
Suddenly all I do is ask myself questions
May you please help me answer a few?

It's to early to say if I'm feeling blue or depressed either or , I know its you that I miss
You as in mum/dad that's who...
It's strange how alive you both are but how dead you make me feel
How dead the room becomes when you both enter at once
We were happy once , I know we were or perhaps it was a dream unlike these nightmares you'll give me !

But yet...
You decided to give us two homes and yes I am angry
Not really a home when love seems so bare
New strangers brought into our lives does it seem like we care ?
Why put us in such despair ugh !

Boom! There ourlives go as yours carry on
Do what's best for kids they say
Are we the kids who asked for this fate ?

I did not ask for this
We did not orchestrate this
Why break what was not broken
Could it not go back to what was suppose to be
A family of us six

My parents together, not divorced and at a feud.
I beg I beg I beg I beg
For at least one day to be in the sun having fun as one( family ) as it should be
Just one last day of hope and joy
Of us as it should be
I guess i truly am not okay

This poem is about: 
My family


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