It Only Takes A Second


It only takes a second to lose everything 

Whether a possession or a loved one
In this case it's my everything
The only thing that lit up with more beauty than the sun
While she wants to still be my bestfriend
I didn't want our relationship to end
I'm still in love with you
And I've got nothing to move on too
It only took a second to go from the top to the bottom
Feeling like a king, with a beautiful queen
To feel more worthless than spit out gum
To be heartbroken, have nothing at all, even if it isn't mean
It still hurts, for you to say you'll always love me,
And then to want a break
I get you need it, I guess I'm not ready
Because while you take a break you'll find someone better, and your heart they'll take
My heart feels dead
My feet don't even want to tread
Just to stay and wallow 
It's easy to forget that roses have thorns;
A prick of the skin speaks
Telling you 
That you're holding on too tightly...


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