It Is ME

At one point in my life, 

I lacked things to do,

So I pulled out an old journal,

And that I went through, 

I read the poetry I used to write and figured,

that if back then I could write,

I can write today to.

SO! I did. 

I wrote many things. 

Poetry, stories, and dreams spewed out onto the paper,

for that it what it seems.

I used to hide my artistic side,

stories, thoughts, and dreams.

Now I write them down a lot

Everynight, it seems!

I feel a lot better now,

that I can desribe my feelings on a page.

Anger, sadness, madness, gladness,

and a bunch of other things. 

So, how did I become a writer?

Well, I never really stopped

I just went back to that one childhood journal,

and read the first few pages,

this got my mind flowing and remembering the many phases. 

After this I wrote my thoughts

Now writing is a gift to me

It's fun for me as ideas flow naturally onto the page,

and now I can't stop!


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