It matters not

Mon, 10/16/2017 - 18:30 -- rb1817


He adjusted his yellowing glasses

Gathered his scattered thoughts

And cleared his scratchy voice

He began,


It matters not

He yelled, into the sky

Screamed, through the mountains

And whispered, to the children


Look around

All that you have,

All that you have accomplished

This is your life, always be satisfied


You don't need to be like everyone else

In Fact, you shouldn’t

That is the beauty of  life


The kids looked up in disbelief

As a tear trickled down his cheek


You need to be thankful, he said

Don't get caught up

Don't get discouraged


are amazing


You were created unique

It’s okay to think differently


The life that you were given,

Is ready to be transformed


He finally exclaimed,

You are not what they think

You are what you know

And that is what you shall be proud to be


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