Is it enough

Dear past me,

As you can see I'm exactly as you wanted to be 

You got into college 

And now you are chocked full with knowledge

So now those thoughts, is it enough 

That rush of thoughts that worried you so 

Now my me from the past you must learn to let go

Not to let the things beautiful just pass you by 

Because if you look back your mind itself will go awry 

So look forward and never back that is the destiny you shall attack 

Stop regretting since there is no time this is your unlike no other is your's and mine 

Is it enough you still say 

Did you complete your goal you still ask

Man, where your is the faith in me since I'm your future, shouldn't you trust me

I guess you cannot see 

But, to answer the question you so seek

It is enough more than you know the lives you touch 

And the people you know a hero you became

Others a beacon of light that they so aim

Is it enough you made their glasses full

If you're still doubting then that's total bull

So a piece of advice before we depart,  keep moving forward 

Because in the end, that's me your moving toward


See you soon and Best wishes,

Your Future 






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Our world
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